Checking Type Compatibility

This procedure checks type compatibility between expression and specified type and sets expression to specified type if needed.
Procedure TExpression.CheckTypeCompatibility (SpecifiedType: PTypeDefinition);
Var LeftOrdinalType, RightOrdinalType: PTypeDefinition;
    SetTypeDefinition:     PSetTypeDefinition     absolute SpecifiedType;
    PointerTypeDefinition: PPointerTypeDefinition absolute SpecifiedType;
    OrdinalTypeDefinition: POrdinalTypeDefinition absolute SpecifiedType;
  If TypeDefPtr^.BaseType <> SpecifiedType^.BaseType then Error (TypeMismatch);
  Case TypeDefPtr^.BaseType of
    btUntyped..btText:   If TypeDefPtr <> SpecifiedType then Error (TypeMismatch);
    btFunctionProcedure: If not CheckProcedureTypeCompatibility (Pointer (TypeDefPtr), Pointer (SpecifiedType)) then
                           Error (TypeMismatch);
    btSet: begin
             If PSetTypeDefinition (TypeDefPtr)^.BaseSetTypeOffset.TypeOffset = 0 then TypeDefPtr := SpecifiedType else
                 LeftOrdinalType := PointerFromOffsets (POrdinalTypeDefinition (
                                      PointerFromOffsets (PSetTypeDefinition (TypeDefPtr)^.BaseSetTypeOffset))^.OrdinalType);
                 If SetTypeDefinition^.BaseSetTypeOffset.TypeOffset = 0 then Exit;
                 RightOrdinalType := PointerFromOffsets (POrdinalTypeDefinition (
                                       PointerFromOffsets (SetTypeDefinition^.BaseSetTypeOffset))^.OrdinalType);
                 If LeftOrdinalType <> RightOrdinalType then Error (TypeMismatch);
    btPointer: begin
                 If TypeDefPtr = SpecifiedType then Exit;
                 If SpecifiedType = Ptr (SystemUnitSegment, Pointer_TypeOffset) then Exit;
                 If TypeDefPtr = Ptr (SystemUnitSegment, Pointer_TypeOffset) then
                   TypeDefPtr := SpecifiedType else
                     If TypedPointers in ModuleCompilerSwitches then
                       If PointerFromOffsets (PPointerTypeDefinition (TypeDefPtr)^.PointerBaseTypeOffset) <>
                          PointerFromOffsets (PointerTypeDefinition^.PointerBaseTypeOffset) then Error (TypeMismatch);
    btEnumeration: begin
                     If PointerFromOffsets (POrdinalTypeDefinition (TypeDefPtr)^.OrdinalType) <>
                        PointerFromOffsets (OrdinalTypeDefinition^.OrdinalType) then Error (TypeMismatch);
This procedure checks if procedure types are compatibe:
  • Base types must be equal
  • Data types must be equal
  • Result types must be equal (for functions)
  • Number of parameters must be equal
  • Equivalent parameter types must be equal
  • Equivalent parameter flags must be equal
    RightParameter: PProcedureParameterData absolute RightType;
    NumberOfParameters: Word;

  Function CompareUnitTypeOffsets (LeftData: Pointer; LeftUnitTypeOffsets: TUnitOffsets;
                                   RightData: Pointer; RightUnitTypeOffsets: TUnitOffsets): Boolean;
  Var LeftUnitIdData: PUnitIdentifierData absolute LeftData;
      LeftUnitIdDataOfs: Word absolute LeftData;
      RightUnitIdData: PUnitIdentifierData absolute RightData;
      RightUnitIdDataOfs: Word absolute RightData;
    CompareUnitTypeOffsets := False;
    If LeftUnitTypeOffsets.TypeOffset <> RightUnitTypeOffsets.TypeOffset then Exit;
    LeftUnitIdDataOfs := LeftUnitTypeOffsets.UnitIdentifierData;
    RightUnitIdDataOfs := RightUnitTypeOffsets.UnitIdentifierData;
    If LeftUnitIdData^.UnitSegment <> 0 then
      If LeftUnitIdData^.UnitSegment <> RightUnitIdData^.UnitSegment then Exit;
    CompareUnitTypeOffsets := True;

  CheckProcedureTypeCompatibility := False;
  If LeftType^.BaseType <> RightType^.BaseType then Exit;
  If LeftType^.DataType <> RightType^.DataType then Exit;
  If LeftType^.DataType <> RightType^.DataType then Exit;
  If not CompareUnitTypeOffsets (LeftType, LeftType^.ResultTypeOffset, RightType, RightType^.ResultTypeOffset) then Exit;
  If LeftType^.NumberOfParameters <> RightType^.NumberOfParameters then Exit;
  NumberOfParameters := LeftType^.NumberOfParameters;
  LeftParameter := PProcedureParameterData (PChar (LeftType) + 14);
  RightParameter := PProcedureParameterData (PChar (RightType) + 14);
  While NumberOfParameters <> 0 do
      If not CompareUnitTypeOffsets (LeftParameter, LeftParameter^.UnitTypeOffsets,
                                     RightParameter, RightParameter^.UnitTypeOffsets) then Exit;
      If LeftParameter^.VarFlags <> RightParameter^.VarFlags then Exit;
      Inc (PChar (LeftParameter), SizeOf (TProcedureParameterData));
      Inc (PChar (RightParameter), SizeOf (TProcedureParameterData));
      Dec (NumberOfParameters);
  CheckProcedureTypeCompatibility := True;

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